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Our IT Edge

Our IT Edge

The Information Technology Uplift
Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd believes in the appropriate notion of “IT is a bad master and a wonderful slave”, and thus, going by the verbatim understanding, tries with undivided focus to bring the best and the most updated information on any/all cargo movements, trade updates and notifications, and service executions to the customers/partners/vendors/service partners without any iota of delay/deviation. At Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd, we strongly believe that updated information is the only information, and therefore; to support our customers with the best, most accurate and updated information, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd constantly invests in technology and technological platforms to enhance the entire service delivery mechanism for its invaluable customers and partners. Even though following a very well-thought and methodically planned operational structure of single-window management (via a designated SPOC for each of its invaluable customers), Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd ensures that the information flow on any/every business activity is performed via advanced systems, processes and applications alike. Logistics is all about “being at the right place, at the right time with the right tools”, and thus, living and progressing with the same ideology, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd makes sure to have updated systems and tools functioning at the peak at all times, so as to enable updated, most accurate and precise information on shipments/movements/handling/execution for its dear customers and vendor partners alike.

With its highly advanced and indigenous ERP platform Shipstym® ©, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd ensures to take care of every cargo movement from the beginning till the end via very well-defined and accurately placed systems and processes designed specifically to best meet the supply chain and logistics life cycle needs. Right from the first activity on the port of loading (POL) to the last activity performed on the port of discharge (POD), every activity is not only executed via the system, but more importantly, all updates on every single activity are also generated and disseminated via the system, thereby enabling the most updated movement status delivery. It is our constant endeavour to be future-ready and be prepared to lead the industry standards with better-than-the-rest processes, systems, and functioning mechanisms to best serve our customer and partners, and thus, to benchmark the service delivery levels in the overall trade and industry and lead by example. Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is constantly upgrading and enhancing its IT and IT-enabled capacities and capabilities to ensure proactive and before-time updates to its customer and partners alike, thus facilitating on-time & accurate solutions. This in turn also helps provide necessary inputs for critical decisions at the customers end, thus resulting in a seamless execution of every single cargo movement and service delivery.

With Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd, the Systems Talk! It has been our constant endeavour to have all our operations, right from the beginning till the end of the supply chain and logistics service spectrum, being run, coordinated and executed via IT-enabled systems’ environment, thus, reducing the role of manual labour to the least possible. Be it import or export of any cargo, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd relies on a seamless movement execution not only basis its strong professional task-force, but also via the robust and efficient process-driven systems which communicate and coordinate constantly with each other, thus ensuring a seamless and perfect service delivery , every single time. In case of imports, right from the initiation of receipt of a query to its nomination, the booking instructions, complete paperwork and shipment related documentation, arrival and receiving of the shipment at the POD, coordination & prior filing of all paperwork with every necessary system/department, electronic data interface management to the final customs clearance, handling and last-mile connectivity, with or without the warehousing activity, every step of the entire cargo movement life cycle is executed via a very robust, proactive, predictive and progressive IT based delivery system. The exact opposite chronology of events is followed verbatim and without any flaws or deviations for all exports out of the country to any part of the globe as well.

Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd has the capability to showcase the entire information related to every cargo movement via both, the World Wide Web as well as the application formats. While the information showcased via the application platform is the “must have information” due to the obvious size and space constraints therein, the information on the website is all the information in a step-by-step chronology as the cargo movement goes forward. All our users including our dear clients, partners, network partners, agent networks and service partners alike are able to look and study their individual movements, and not only get proactively updated by the system, but also very clearly & transparently analyse every step of the movement, so as to appreciate the seamless activity and finesse that Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd works tirelessly towards delivering every movement alike. Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd provides a customized and tailor-made user id and password to its entire user base, and the same is used independently by all the users to track, study, analyse and understand every activity and stage-development of their individual movement. Data privacy and protection is at the core of Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd operations, and therefore; every possible effort and measure is duly taken and exercised to ensure zero data leakages or pilferages, thus keeping the data complete safe and secure via all the applied checks and balances. Strict data policies, server management practices, data back-up infrastructure and controlled environment with stringent adherence policies and procedures ensures that all our data is safe, secure and available at instant requests, without comprising the quality, authenticity, validity and nature of the entire data. Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd invests heavily in ensuring that not only the data, but more importantly, the entire system and architecture of service delivery is kept safe and protected, with zero tolerance policies and measures applied all across management and delivery spectrums.

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