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Time is The only critical & Time is Money!
Nothing could be more challenging, thrilling, over-the-edge exciting yet most professionally satisfying & rewarding than delivering winning logistical solutions to the Aerospace industry. We thrive for this satisfaction, every single time!

Shippify Cargo Services has been eagerly & enthusiastically thriving to be actively participative in the global aerospace supply chain & logistics management with the sole motive of Keeping Airplanes Fly! We work round the clock, quiet literally, to support global aerospace industry & deliver customized & tailor-made solutions design to manage the ever-complex and ever-evolving needs of the industry. With hands-on, rich & from-the-ground-up experience, we ensure prompt delivery of routine, critical and AOG parts, thereby executing time-critical shipments for aerospace industry clients and partners. Working with our partners who are fully compliant with the aerospace industry standards, we offer facilities which provide storage & handling of large volumes with value-added services likewise. We are able to ensure supply of spare parts from multiple origins, synchronize line-side or port of call deliveries and aircraft maintenance flows and processes to best suit and benefit the various facets of the aerospace industry which we proudly serve.

Industry components we serve can be broadly classified as:
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • MRO’s
  • Airports
  • Engine manufactures
  • Space & Defence
  • Aircraft’s parts trading companies

Broad range of services includes:
  • Upstream & Downstream integrated aerospace supply chain solutions
  • Inbound manufacturing logistics
  • Multi-supplier order management
  • Spare-parts management for optimized transits
  • Customized, specialized & comprehensive transport solutions design
  • Project management for over-sized cargo
  • JISQ cargo management

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