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Air Freight

Air Freight

Even though Cargo doesn’t speak (just not yet!), time criticality presses the need for prompt, quick, efficient and time-bound delivery of urgent cargo. Time matters, for Cargo Too! Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is adequately qualified and experienced to handle all your air cargo needs. With a diversely experienced and a very professional set up of network partners across the globe, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is perfectly placed and aptly poised to seamlessly handle all your cargo needs, delivering peace of mind and optimized service delivery standards. Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd deals with multiple carriers and sub-carriers, and offers daily worldwide departures. Irrespective of whether it is a time-critical movement or perishable items which need to be temperature controlled and moved quickly or any other commodity with needs the maximum delivery speed in least amount of time, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd offers the best and most effective ways to handle all such-like movements, and ensures your cargo needs are fully fulfilled.

Depending on the settled terms of movement, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd can provide air freight solutions to cater to all kinds of situations/circumstances. Furthermore, be it any combination that works best for your air cargo needs, i.e., airport-to-airport or door-to-door, or any other permutation/combination that fits the best, we are able to efficiently handle all such-like movement executions, while taking compete responsibility of your valuable cargo. Irrespective of the size, weight, dimension and other off/odd cargo specifications, we are able to provide winning solutions to handle your cargo freighting needs via offering:

Full Charter

Part Charter

Day-to-Day Cargo Movement

On-Board Courier



Express Service

With Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd, you can relax and be rest assured of your cargo being handled perfectly by expert trade professionals

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