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Electronics & IT

Electronics & IT

It's all in the wires!
One thing which is ever changing, just short of the inevitable change itself, is Electronics and the IT & Electronics market. Speed to market and the flexibility to meet the ever-growing needs of the customers are what drive Shippify Cargo Services Private Limited to deploy winning solutions to execute seamless supply chain & logistics best practices. Working in partnership with leading industrial, commercial and consumer hi tech customers, our supply chain §or expertise extends all the way from the factory floor to the designated destination. We design customized and tailor-made services like vendor-managed inventory, distribution centre management, precision instrument movement, and sensitive cargo logistics.

We provide services for:
  • Electronic equipment, parts, and components
  • Semiconductors & semiconductor equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Office & industrial automation equipment
  • Computer hardware & peripherals
  • Telecommunications
  • Fibre optics
  • High-density fibre and related raw materials

As a lead logistics provider, we work to:
  • Manage supplier, contractor & subcontractor relationships
  • Optimize transportation
  • Distribute per the distribution design plan
  • Coordinate inbound & outbound flow
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Optimize inventory management (JIT/JOT/JIS etc)
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity
  • Controlling production costs
  • Seamlessly handling flow of materials

We help to bring finesse and tangibility in the entire supply chain life-cycle via:
  • Order processing support systems
  • Sourcing & purchasing support systems
  • Global freight movements of supplies
  • Inbound transport and cargo movement
  • Local/internal cargo movement basis production plans & schedules
  • Warehousing & inventory management
  • Distribution & last-mile delivery & connect
  • End-to-end cargo handling & delivery management

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