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Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy is Life!
At Shippify Cargo Services Private Limited, we live life, to the fullest possible! We are an active player in the movement of renewable resources and other fossil energy sources. Faced with finite supplies of fossil fuels, energy generation from renewable sources is one of the most important issues in the corporate and governance agenda around the globe. Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power or biomass, demand new ideas and concepts from logisticians like us! At the same time, during this transitional period, when electricity, fuels & heat still largely come from fossil energy sources, it is essential to manage the flows of combustible fuels for these purposes in line with demand. We have our network and employees available to handle these tasks for energy supply companies to guarantee reliable supplies in the future.

We use:
  • Ports and port-sides as interfaces and interconnects
  • Truckload movements for the last-mile connectivity
  • Perfect equipment to move and trans-ship movements
  • User-friendly, customized and flexible storage and warehousing facilities
  • Multimodal logistics provisions to handle heavy-duty critical shipments
To help our growing clientele manage their ever-increasing & complex demands, we offer solutions dedicated to the specific requirements of the energy industry.

We offer:
  • Flows engineering
  • Optimised supply of components, inputs and raw materials
  • Complete freighting and movement solutions
  • Multimodal transport solutions
  • Cross-docking solutions and inbound flows consolidation
  • Full functional and customizable warehousing and storage facilities
  • Final and last-mile distribution

Some of our services include:
  • Project transport
  • Cross trades
  • Transport of hazardous material
  • Documentation
  • Neutralisation
  • Warehousing & distribution
  • Break-bulk & heavy-lift cargo
  • Full and part-charter maritime & air freight
  • Material procurement
  • Repacking, labelling & provision of resources

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