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Ethos & Ethics

Ethos & Ethics

We are an equal opportunity employer, and wish to maintain highest standards of integrity, professionalism & conduct overall.

Shippify Ethics :

  • Create & maintain the most harmonious, fair, progressive & globalized work ecosystem for all to thrive & grow
  • Maintain, Sustain & Retain highest levels of integrity, loyalty & professionalism throughout our existence spectrum
  • Execute & deliver the best quality service delivery & unmatched customer satisfaction experience to all our clients, mentors, customers & partners alike
  • Provide equal opportunities both inside & outside our business circles to continuously better the performance, experience & the overall growth of the organization & all those associated
  • Continuously, passionately & exceedingly fulfil our Corporate Social Responsibility index
  • Respect, Regard & Reward our task force to inspire highly motivated & consistent business performance overall

The Shippify Approach

Being customer oriented and having a razor-sharp focus and intent for customer delight, Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd performs via a well-crafted and an intelligently formatted customer service module, apart from providing updated, accurate and proactive inputs and solutions-design via its highly interactive and intelligent software platform. Machines, software and everything-IT is made and run by people, and Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd completely & fully understands, appreciates and aligns itself accordingly in line with the same. Every effort and endeavor of team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is to simplify the process, weed-out the unnecessary and present only the material information, most useful and relevant to the participating stakeholders. While the enterprise resource planning module precisely integrates and generates relevant output, the biggest operational strength and solidarity comes from the pursuance of the golden rule of “human contact management”. Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd’s unique and specialized single-window SPOC management work methodology ensures that despite all the system-generated outputs, the automated proactive updates & updation routines, there always is the ever-crucial human factor and human-touch to the entire service cycle. Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd deploys a one-window solution for all its stakeholders, and ensures that none of them face the “incommunicado” syndrome! We always have a professional, pleasing and a listening voice to cater to all those who trust us to be their partners and service provider alike. While the configured system updates continue, the Single Point Of Contact system, i.e., the SPOC mechanism, ensures that right from the start of the movement till its finalization, and for the execution of the all-important CRM loop, there is only one single dedicated team member serving our dear clients, customers and partners. One-window mechanism drastically cuts down on time wastage while simultaneously eroding inefficient & redundant routines, and thereby, radically improves the communication cycle and effectiveness with the stakeholders.

Be it port operations at any port of India, or our various back office and customer service desk operations at assigned locations, we are always at our service best to proactively update our clients and mentors with crucial movement developments and updates, and ensure that they are well informed and updated about all that constantly keeps happening for their cargo movements or any other assigned opportunity. We constantly strive to establish an ever-seamless sync and coordination between our various groups and personnel serving at varied locations and conditions, to ultimately ensure that our sole reason of existence – YOU, our Customers, are subjected to the best ever customer service delivery and experience, and every single opportunity provided to us is treated with utmost care and enthusiasm to duly satisfy our customers’ needs and wants. With all tied-up as a wonderful and wholesome service bouquet together, our One-Window methodology ensures that our customers get more than they asked for, Every Time, that too, without any hassles of reaching out or bothering themselves thereof. We reach out proactively to our customers, on time & before time, Every Time, and ensure to keep our customers relieved of any job-related stress, so that they can apply their strength to their core areas of expertise. We try to work as our customer’s extension and an extended operational arm, and provide them with all necessary inputs to help bring efficiency and finesse into the entire logistics and supply chain life cycle.

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