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NVOCC Operations

NVOCC Operations

Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is a full-spectrum ocean freight service provider organization. Whether it is import of cargo from any outside destination into India, or an export from any part of India to the outside world, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is equipped with apt knowledge, experience and understanding to seamlessly carry out such-like any ocean transport movement for your cargo needs. With hand-picked agent networks for specific regions and countries spanning the entire globe, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is able to not only take care of the ocean transport movement most diligently, but also ensures perfect handling and placement of your precious cargo via most professional service network partners across seas and continents. With a very dedicated and focused team of ocean mode of shipping professionals on board, and similar like-minded and thorough shipping domain professionals working our agents agent and network partners across the globe, you can be rest assured of most professional end-to-end handling of your esteemed cargo. Teams Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is already in the steadfast process of getting aligned and registered with the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India as an authorized Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), and thereby undertake and execute the NVOCC ability (non-vessel owning container carrier). With the onset of the NVOCC capacity and capability, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd will be able to issue its own House Bill Of Lading, which will be duly covered by limited insurance. Not only NVOCC, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is also aligned and working diligently to get registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMI), post which, it will be able to issue its own House Bill Of Lading for all containers to be shipped across the United States of America.

Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd has export domain professionals at the core of its operations to ensure that all the complexities for a seamless execution of an import or export ocean movement are taken care of with the perfect methodology defined for the same, and that there are no blockages or process leakages during the entire process.

Ocean Freight Service Spectrum:
Full Container Load cargo movement (FCL)
All special container cargo, OOG, ODC e.t.c. cargo movement
Less Than Container Load Cargo movement (LCL)
Bulk Cargo
Break bulk Cargo

This is containerized Cargo moved in various containers types, the most popular being:
  • 20/40 STD – 20 Ft Length (32 CBM Capacity)/ 40 Ft Length (64 CBM Capacity) with 8 Ft Width 8 Ft High. Standard weight considered to be about 18‐20 MT.
  • 40 HQ ‐ 40 Ft Length (69 CBM Capacity) with 8 Ft Width 9 Ft High.
  • 20/40/40HQ OT – Open Top generally used for top stuffing and preferred in-gauge cargo
  • 20/40 FR – Flat Rack or Flat Bed container used for shipment of minor ODC Cargo (Not more than 2 Ft all sides, subject to liner approval)
  • 20/40 Tank Containers ‐ used for carrying liquid cargo
  • 20/40 Refer – This is the type of container that is temperature controlled and is also called Refrigerated Container

In this case cargo is less (not enough to be stuffed into a full complete container), and thus not economical to move as a stand-alone container, therefore; such cargo is combined with other small size cargo.

These shipments consist of cargo which cannot be accommodated in the containers by virtue of its weight or volume, and thus has to be directly loaded into the vessel haul (a complete ship/vessel). This could be like large machinery and equipment or bulk loads of items such as coal, cement, motor vehicles, grains, oils, etc.

Be it the usual and most common standard or general purposes containers, or high-cube equivalents or other complex types of container boxes, i.e., open tops, flat racks, one-side open, reefer e.t.c., Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is professionally qualified and authorized to seamlessly execute the movement of such-like containers from one part of the globe to another. With excellent communication and relationship with most of the world’s premier shipping companies and all other in the same business alike, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd has a wide-variety of options available at its discretion to choose from specific shipping lines/carriers basis the requirements of its dear clients/customers, and ensure verbatim movement of the cargo. With goodwill and relationships spanning across shipping lines and carriers alike, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd becomes the perfect choice to move cargo via the ocean route, while providing not only a seamlessly executed cargo movement, but more importantly, the best peace of mind to its dear customers and clients alike.

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