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Our team is comprised of like-minded, aggressive, passionate and hard-working professionals having hands-on rich and practical experience from the trade, and other related service industry domains alike. With more than decades of learning, experience and service delivery execution understanding established cumulatively, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is well-qualified and aptly poised to cater to the complete range of logistics and supply chain service spectrum. Serving right from the beginning of the value chain, i.e., from market sourcing analysis for buyers and sellers alike, to creating common grounds for matching demand with the available supply, creating and sustaining a healthy, productive and an engaging supply chain environment, arrangement of complete overseas handling and cargo management, utilization of any/all applicable means of transportation to move the cargo within destinations, complete cargo handling & care till the final destination point, and to ensuring that the total supply chain life cycle is balanced and mutually productive for all stakeholders, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd is constantly engaged in a) maintaining end-to-end perfect functionality of the created value chain and b) enabling continuous innovation, development and progression of the subject parameters to enhance the functionality and output of the entire supply chain and logistics services life cycle.

With decades of experience in serving customers, clients, partners, vendors and other stakeholders in the service delivery life cycle, the Management, including the entire team of Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd, is on a constant endeavor to enhance strategic and operational excellence to ensure constant customer satisfaction, thereby aiming for achieving customer delight via its synchronized and customized solutions-design. The team proactively identifies and addresses the challenges, problems, issues and typical situation-based scenarios and circumstances faced by our dear customers, and deploys best-in-class trade practices, practical experiences, and tailor-made solutions to not only cater to the problem at hand, but also provide for a sustainable and effect solutions-methodology to combat such-like situations on a global scale. By mapping trade issues, accumulation of situational, circumstantial and procedural trade-related bottlenecks and hindrances and day-to-day nuances and practical problems faced by the various stakeholders of the trade community, Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd has dedicated an independent Research & Development wing, which works tirelessly via internal and external coordination and feedback, to ensure proactive development and creation of combative solutions and antidotes to eradicate such-like situations. Besides the same, a lot of research, analytics and analytical designs are infused to better study and understand the cause and effect of various trade and industry situations and problems, and the same are addressed at all available mediums, forums and representations alike. Team Shippify Cargo Services (P) Ltd represents the freight forwarding and logistics community as an individual as well as an essential market player at regular and periodic forums, meetings, discussions across the country, and is an aspiring member of various associations, consortiums and trade-bodies alike. It is our constant effort to better the trade knowledge and understanding, to efficiently provide smart and effective logistical solutions to our clients’ needs.

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